It Came From MTV: Day 1, MTVU

Smallpools – “Dreaming”

– whiny, as if Fun. had wanted to make the worst Neon Trees song

– vocalist has an earnest fade-hawk, it is the only earnest thing about the band

– vocalist spit out a beer pong ball into a cup, way to ruin a perfectly good game with saliva, asshole

– party song that sounds like it should never be played at a party



The xx – “Fiction”

– the story of black-and-white related things with party stuff


– vocalist who isn’t Romy walks in the woods and stares at the sky

– song’s pretty good, because it’s The xx and that’s usually the case

– teeters between artistic and boring


Phillip Phillips – “Gone Gone Gone”


– True earnestness is romancing a cute chick with bangs in 2013 as if that’s a thing that doesn’t happen all of the time now

– unremarkable bullshit coated in old video footage of happy couples

– “you’re my headstone”

Phillip Phillips is for those trying to get into Bon Iver, but find him and his beard too intense



MGMT – “Your Life is a Lie”

– Fair point, MGMT. Fair point.

– I like that MGMT aren’t totally trying for “fated to pretend” type hooks. I don’t think I like this song, though. It’s a little bit from the awesomely abrasive column, but far more in the annoying column.

– but eh, least they saved me the self-serious “but you see, it’s about how vapid things make us empty”



Krewella – “Live For the Night”

– This seems to be pop/dubstep?

– Krewella (I assume the lady is the name, although it looks like a duo) likes hanging out at this warehouse, where they presumably live for the night

– living for the night is defined in this video as dancing in a warehouse/chasing people with night-vision goggles/a warehouse party with people with pixelated eyes

– but at least they seemed to make the dubstep generally work with the pop they’re trying to do

– video finished with a “to be continued” thing


Haim – “The Wire”

– THE WORST VERSION of early 80s pop presented today

– Haim sure tries, which is to say he’s a white guy that wants to be 1982 Michael Jackson


– I guess it’s sort of funny that he’s upset at literally everything

– oh, the band has like five members, four of them white ladies who look like Wiley Wiggins in Dazed and Confused

RIP Corey Haim


Mumford and Sons – “Hopeless Wanderer”

– which one is the self-aware Mumford song?

– ok, this is the self-aware one because Jason Sudeikis and Jason Bateman


– ok, this song does blow, but the vid is at least as solid as when Galifianakis did “Can’t Tell Me Nothing”


– Jason Bateman eating Will Forte’s tears

– kind of an amazing pisstake on the Mumford audience, so in that capacity, I appreciate it. also nice to see a band that’s clearly not fully this earnest stereotype that I imagine them as all the time.


Schoolboy Q – “There He Go”

– half of this video looks like Schoolboy Q was driving in the McApartment territory of Tuscaloosa

– this shit’s pretty good

– I’m not too familiar with how legendary or whatever this dude is supposed to be, but he’s quite okay

– the orange drawing conceit is not too bad, and the video is well-filmed

– DETOX in big letters, Schoolboy Q wants Dr. Dre to put out that damn record already, too.


Earl Sweatshirt – “Hive”

– I generally have a love/hate thing with Odd Future’s performers. I’m okay with Frank Ocean (but not in love with the dude) and I hate Tyler, The Creator.

– Earl seems to get horrorcore that more sounds like the work of artists like El-P than the desperate stupidity of Tyler.

– visually, it’s not as much of a nightmare as you think, but it is visually effective

– also, a rapper named Casey Veggies is on this track.

– this is less a total nightmare more than a psychologically realized world, which I like


Sammy Adams – “LA Story”

– if you wanted to know where Mike Posner went after “Cooler Than Me,” he’s on this bullshit (EDITOR’S NOTE: I did, actually. I usually don’t let folks speak ill of my Posner, but Trey gets a pass on this. Listen to this instead to flush Sammy Whoever out of your head.)

– they remind us how generic white men can look in 2013 and why I generally feel better about being a fat dude with glasses rather than shaved dude with a shitty skateboard

– I don’t know which guy is rapping.


– Also, a poor allusion to “Empire State of Mind,” a better song about a city that I think I like more if this is all the LA kids can think of.

– Thought we’d hear a 2 Chainz-esque “She got a big booty, so I call her Big Booty” :/

– interesting motif, however. The first video had a big party and ended with a dude alone in a pool, this video had two people alone in a pool and ended with a big party. White people are so fickle about the amount of time they stay at parties, huh?



2 thoughts on “It Came From MTV: Day 1, MTVU

  1. I agree about the Odd Future crew but I honestly think Earl is the best of them. The video is pretty cool too. Also, I don’t care for Mumford but that video is pretty clever. It’s good that they can at least laugh at themselves.


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