Kickstar: Jimlapbap

I have a secret shame. I like to troll (in the traditional sense) Kickstarter for projects based in Alabama and chuckle at them. After doing this on perhaps a monthly basis for the past year or so, I thought there were no surprises. I was wrong.

Before you ask, don’t worry, this video has hit it’s $47 goal and is already fully funded. Put your wallet down.

Jimlapbap is from Birmingham, and he records barbershop quartet videos with himself singing all four parts, and uses modern songs as his template.

Hey here’s a They Might Be Giant song:

The thing is, I can’t hate on this guy. He doesn’t seem to take himself overly serious (the fatal flaw/entertainment in most local Kickstarters), his videos are inventive, and he’s actually pretty good at the singing part. I don’t think I could listen to more than 3 of these songs back to back without caulking up my ears with Green Glue. But it’s hard not to appreciate a guy who finds his niche, and makes hundreds of videos. He says he’s a Phd of Music and teaches at a university, which are two things I cannot say.

So this first in what will be a long line of us being bewildered at Kickstarters will end on a positive note. Jimlapbap got his $47 so you will soon be able to purchase his cover of Radioactive on iTunes, Amazon, et al. You can find more about him at Let me also say that I am available for tips about how to green screen if Jim needs some pointers.


2 thoughts on “Kickstar: Jimlapbap

  1. Hey, only four months after you posted this! My “niche” seems to be “making popular songs sound about as opposite a genre as I can think of.” I’m definitely proud to say I “beat” Jimmy Fallon to the “pop songs as barbershop” race…since everyone was trying to do it….

    Believe me, I’m just as surprised as you are that enough people were crazy enough to fund those projects.

    I do a lot more than barbershop/a cappella on YouTube, but that seems to be what gets the most views. I also have done things like ragtime, Dixieland, rock, doo-wop, metal, Beatles-style, Nirvana-style, Jason Mraz style, bossa nova, and dubstep. And you’re right, I don’t really take this too seriously—I just like arranging songs in strange styles (or, as some haters put it, “ruining”).

    Yes, please pointers with the green screen! It’s literally a green bedsheet and cheap lamps. The adjunct professor salary does not allow much for splurging.

    Thanks for the mention!


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