Copy Cats

photo credit: Ryan Russell

I dated a guy who played in a cover band long ago. It was awful. There is nothing worse than doing your girlfriend duty and spending every Friday and Saturday night in a smoky bar, surrounded by dudes and ladies in Affliction apparel and rhinestone crosses on the asses of their jeans, listening to some amateurs shit all over your favorite Skid Row and Poison songs for 4 hours straight. So when I first heard Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” I was hesitant to suggest that my band Sloss Minor cover it; BUT WE HAD TO! It was too good and too much like our style to not even attempt it. So we did. And I know I’m biased, but I think we did a stellar job. I really do get the appeal of cover bands. Who doesn’t want to get drunk and go see a band where they know every song and can sing along at the top of their lungs? It is fun! Since my band is new to the Bham scene, and our record isn’t out yet, we knew covering a well known song was a great way to gain interest (and fans) at our live shows. So, maybe we sold our souls, and I had to eat some big, fat crow, but oh well, it was fun! And so far the new listeners to Sloss Minor have been really receptive of our cover. Next stop on our to-do list: matching wardrobes and eyeliner from Hot Topic. You can check out our cover of Daft Punk’s hit below!



EDITOR’S NOTE: Sloss Minor includes former members of Northstar & Escape Frame along with BHAMFM writer Rachael and her husband, Hot Rod Circuit & Terrible Things alum Andy Jackson. They currently live in Birmingham and own The Jackalope Studios where they record, mix & engineer records for bands the world over.


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