Let the Drenge run all over your body

I have been way too into British boys, hard noise rock and new shit since I was 13 years old. This new band however, oozed onto me instead while reading NME. I know of one other person that does that in Alabama, and that is my twin Elise, who also writes for BHAMFM. Before the in-jokes get too nauseous, let me infect yall with my favorite new band. They’re like nothing youve heard in the past few years. That’s for sure. Unless you found some other young Brit band that is 50% Misfits, 25% early Arctic Monkeys and the rest mainly instruments hitting a metal garbage can. DRENGE is two bros. Really, actual brothers. I tend to like

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brothers. The Cribs as my most worshipful example. DRENGE have unforgettable name, two noisy guitars and clanging drums betwixt only two teenage dudes, a stylized music video… and they’re debut album doesn’t even release in the UK until next week. As for always, they aren’t touring anywhere near here, so consider this your weekly Sunday post from Whit about music you need to be listening to purely on merit and not locale. My current favorite track of theirs is Bloodsports. The lyrics are tight and catchy and revengy. I am afraid to actually research how old the lead singer is because I am always a sucker for a forlorn baritone.

HOWEVER, the best foot forward the band has released so far is Backwaters (watch above). If you’re in the mood for angry boys wanting to fight other angry boys, then “I Wanna Break You In Half” is your fix. In closing, I’ma post every one of their songs Ive been able to dig up because at most, each track is three minutes long.


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