Our Editor has a problem. A raging, throbbing one.

There I go talking in the “Royal We” I hate so damn much. When I started this site originally back in Bible times, I swore I would never talk like half of these unemployed “professional bloggers” in this city who referred to themselves as “us” or “we” all the time. I promise to talk like a human. END OF RANT.

Like I was saying… I (singular) have a problem.

I love the Arctic Monkeys. There isn’t much they’ve done that I have disliked and that is very rare

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for even the deepest affinities I hold for bands (mostly boy-fronted, British ones but oh well).

alex turner

For some weird stroke of the best fucking luck ever, Alex Turner, Matt Helder & co have chosen to play Birmingham in October. At the newest venue in town, Iron City. It does all sound very strange. Especially after the legendary headlining set they just pulled off at Glastonbury 2013. Watch it on Youtube already, what is your deal? History in the making.

Although Iron City hasnt yet quite created it’s niche or an atmosphere to speak of, they have done a kick ass job of throwing money at Red Mountain Entertainment to book all of these prolific shows in the first few months of being open.

Jeff Mangum (Neutral Milk Hotel), Local Natives, y’all get the picture.

Two other writers of BHAMFM are also Arctic Monkey fanatics (hey Joel + Elise!). Joel actually curated an Arctic Monkeys Starter Kit of sorts on Spotify that I encourage all those hesitant to pay full price for a ticket to give a listen.


More importantly though, I brought this post to life in order for you guys to hear the newest of the new Alex Turner (frontman for A.M.).

They’ve leaked 3 tracks from their upcoming album, that will be produced by Josh Homme of Queens of the Stone Age fame, just like their previous album.

Have a listen. Buy your ticket to their show. Be one of the cool kids.



  1. I’ve only seen them on the “Favourite Worst Nightmare” tour and it blew my mind. So bummed I missed the last two tours so I kind of want to gorge myself on this run through the South.


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