I’ve never been that person who pays money for a ticket to a show and plans to show up near the end of the opener or midway through the second opener. It’s not my style. I like the idea of stumbling on a new band.

On Tuesday, October 1st the band Wild Nothing will be opening for headliner Local Natives at the shiny new venue Iron City on 22nd Street here in Birmingham, and I suggest you come early to see them. They played at our beloved Bottletree Café last year in June, and I missed it, but I don’t plan on missing them this go-around.

Wild Nothing is the brainchild of singer/songwriter (no, not like that kind of “singer/songwriter”) Jack Tatum who hails from Blacksburg, Virginia. Jack writes the songs and plays the instruments on Wild Nothing’s latest effort “Empty Estate”, easily one of my favorites so far this year. This EP seems to cover a few different genres like indie pop, new wave, and shoegaze, but I’d like to think it’s just really good pop music. The track “Ride” carries elements of Joy Division and New Order while “Ocean Repeating (Big-eyed Girl)” and “A Dancing Shell” sound like songs Peter Gabriel would’ve written in 1986. Even the video treatment (created by amazing artist Eric Shaw) for “A Dancing Shell” seems very “Sledgehammer”-esque.

“Empty Estate” is available on all of your major downloading sites as well as your streaming sites. Tickets for the aforementioned  show are still available on Iron City’s website. Get your tickets for this show and actually try to come early for Wild Nothing. Judging by the previous shows at this venue this one will undoubtedly start shortly after doors open, so get in there early and dance to the sounds of Wild Nothing.

BONUS INFO: Here’s another video for last year’s breakout hit “Paradise”. The video features a famous actress from 1990’s teen drama “Dawson’s Creek”…


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